2G Network Completely Shut Down By AT&T

If you’re somewhat slow to adopt cutting edge technology, you may
well still be using a phone that’s on an old 2G Network. If that’s the
case, you should know that AT&T …

Samsung Cameras Latest To Get Hit By IoT Security Issues

Another day, another type of smart device proven vulnerable to
hacking. In this case, the latest IoT (Internet of Things) devices to
fall victim are Samsung SmartCam cameras. These cloud-enabled security
devices, …

Malware Called Fruitfly Found On Macs And Linux Computers

Security researchers have recently discovered an odd strain of
malware they’ve dubbed “Fruitfly,” which has been specifically targeted
at biotech companies. It would be a mistake to call this a new strain,

Certain Combination Of Emojis Can Crash iPhone

The YouTube sensation “EverythingApplePro” has a reputation for
finding odd bugs and exploits in iPhones and iPads. A newly added pair
of videos on the channel’s page reveals two quirky ways you …

Safari Developer-Mode On Macbook Pro Could Harm Battery Life

Recently, Consumer Reports did something they have literally never
done before. They failed to recommend the latest Apple laptop (the
MacBook Pro) for purchase. The reason? When they conducted a series of

Adobe Users Should Download Latest Security Patch For Multiple Products

By now, almost everyone is aware that Adobe Systems’ Flash Player is
in trouble. Critical security issues are being reported faster than the
company can fix them, but kudos to Adobe for …

Seriously – If 123456 Is Your Password, Change It Now!

Given the number of high profile data breaches that occurred in 2016,
it’s hard to believe that anyone would still be using obvious or
insecure passwords. But that’s is what the latest …

Identity Thieves Can Now Get Your Fingerprints From Digital Pictures

Improving technology and a social media habit are converging in an
unfortunate way that is opening the door for a new kind of hacking. Now,
not even your selfies are safe. Here’s …

FDA Issues Warning On Certain Cardiac Device Security Issues

In 2015, the FDA issued warnings about a pair of infusion pumps –
“smart” medical devices that had demonstrated security flaws. It was the
first time in history that security researchers demonstrated …

Upgrade To SSD Drives For Speed Boosts, Other Advantages

The spinning disk hard drive has been the reigning king of storage
for almost as long as we’ve had desktop computers. All things end,
though, and the HDD’s reign is officially coming …