Inventory Distribution and Planning

A good inventory is the key to success for retailers. It’s imperative for any business to analyze the demands in a way that it doesn’t add up costs to loss. Whether you’re an established retailer or a new market player, SwiftAnalytix can help both to plan an optimized inventory:

  • Easily track the ‘stock Vs. sales’ records for your products at a particular location over a time-period.
  • Perform a comparative analysis on how the demand(and product-sales) varies with respect to change in location.
  • Assess what brands, categories of products, price-range etc. are popular/most sold and at what places.
  • Analyze the nature of your product-buyers and understand the relationship between product-category and buyer-category.
  • Understand the lifestyle, socio-economic factors of the population at a particular location and estimate the opportunities surrounding a store to forecast supply.
  • Know the areas with high potential or with probable demand to plan distribution points so you spend optimal amount on shipping and transportation.