Is This You?

If you’re a midsize retailer, with multi-store business scenario, and you want to grow your presence while taking well-planned investment steps, precalculating the risks and strengthening the sales, we can help you with that!

Our prospects typically have 20 to 50 store locations(up to 100), and they rely on some kind of analytics system or reporting tool to gauge their day-to-day sales and have an insight into their returns on investments. Most of the business owners make use of a Business Intelligence(BI) software to analyze the patterns of profits and losses in sales and rely heavily on them for making critical decisions. They represent a broad cross-section of chain-stores dealing with selling products or services via brick-and-mortar shop or online web platform.

Incorporate our location experts into your retail business when:

  • You need to know the reasons why you are not able to achieve desired sales targets.
  • You would like to learn why one of your stores with a particular set of products is a hit at a location while the same formula is not working out at another location.
  • You want to know where your real prospective buyers are residing and how to make an outreach to them.
  • You need to know which of your products is popular, likely to yield more money to you and at what locations.
  • You would like to have a deep insight in the demographic characteristics surrounding an area before you launch a new store.
  • You need to know where it’s a high time to dissolve the operation or to relocate the store at a better profitable place.
  • You would like to know what cross-store deals or special offers are adding values to your sales, at what locations and why.
  • You would want to forecast the demand among your product mix and have a balanced inventory based on location.
  • You would like to find the right location for your distribution centers as to fulfill the online order deliveries in the most cost and time convenient way.
  • You need to plan your promotional campaigns after having studied the profiles and demographic tapestry of the right consumers.
  • You want to identify and deploy the capacities of the best performing sales team at weaker ends to uplift the revenues.